We make some of the best Ice Cream in Scotland using milk from our very own herd of cows. Alistair, the farmer, milks the cows in the morning and carries 40 Litres of milk over from the Farm to The Milk Barn where Suzannah, the farmer’s wife, creates a luxurious product for everyone to enjoy. Come to see the Ice Cream being made through the Viewing window. Suzannah and her staff have great fun creating new flavours….here is just a small yummy selection.

The Milk Barn_Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream FlavourThe Milk Barn_Jaffa Cake Ice Cream Flavour

The Milk Barn_Toffee Crisp Ice Cream FlavourThe Milk Barn_Bubblegum Smurf Ice Cream FlavourThe Milk Barn_Birthday Cake Ice Cream FlavourThe Milk Barn_Selection of Cream Flavours

…you’ll have to come and visit to see the rest!